Monumento Salzburg is an international platform
for cross-border collaboration and meeting point
for monument preservation, restoration and conservation.

Fascinating insights into monument preservation

Specialist information for experts and the general public, from 12 - 14 January 2012 at Messezentrum Salzburg

At a press conference in the historic roof space of the Collegiate Church in Salzburg, an exclusive experts' roundtable was held on the subject of 'Emotion and Material' (the motto of   Monumento 2012), providing insight into what the trade fair will offer international experts and those interested in the subject. A special treat was  also revealed at the press conference: A collaboration with "Leoganger Bergbahnen". Anyone presenting their visitor pass or exhibitor badge  will receive a 50% discount on two ski passes.

A network of international experts, plus exciting insights for the public
More than 100 exhibitors from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France have already announced their attendance at the trade fair. These exhibitors will address a diverse range of subject areas. A large number of  restorers will offer insights into their techniques and skills, covering a broad spectrum of specialisations, ranging from ecclesiastical painting,  to the laser cleaning of historical façades, through to the relocation of entire buildings. The trade fair will also feature many exhibitors from the area of specialist handicraft, such as  organ builders and glassmakers. Building contractors, technology providers and research institutes will also be represented. "With the public trade fair Monumento Salzburg, we are creating an   international platform for monument preservation, monument conservation, restoration and archaeological monument conservation in Austria. It is an important step for raising awareness of cultural heritage preservation," explains Henrik Häcker, CEO of Messezentrum Salzburg GmbH. 

At Monumento 2012, there will be a special focus on wood as a building material. "As one of the oldest building materials in the world, wood is an integral component of many historical objects and buildings. Preserving it and protecting it against rot and decomposition presents great challenges for monument preservers. At the same time, there is perhaps no other material that epitomises the interplay between technology and emotion quite like wood that  has been formed by human hand many centuries ago," is how Charlotte Reichenspurner, Exhibition Manager, explains the choice of focus topic.

Top-class international trade fair partners
One of the primary objectives of Monumento Salzburg is to encourage networking among international experts. With the monuments offices of Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol as its partners, the trade fair's international orientation is plain to see.

During the press conference, privy counsellor Dr Ronald Gobiet, from the Austrian Federal Monuments Office, emphasised the importance of the trade fair location for an international exhibition: "The Salzburg Festival always throws up something unusual! By the same token, this Central European monument preservation trade fair in Salzburg has been met with an extraordinary level of interest from domestic and foreign exhibitors, specialist institutions, restorers and conservators. Interested parties at the public trade fair can expect a varied and sophisticated framework programme, which is already beginning to take shape. The various departments of the specialist institutes of education and research will be presenting the latest technology in Central Europe in an impressive way. Specialist lectures will also provide insights into the topic of 'wood'. Energy efficiency, pest management, building physics and the latest measurement technology will be covered for a broad range of areas, from archaeology, through to modern architecture."

Prof. Dr. Egon Johannes Greipl, Head Conservator of the Bavarian State Office for Monument Conservation, highlights the economic, cultural and international importance: "Bavaria is one of the most monument-rich German states. Historical monuments play an important role, both on a cultural level and an economic one, whether it's for SMEs, or tourism. Hosting the 'Monumento' monument preservation trade fair in the Mozart city and World Heritage City of Salzburg will send out an important signal. Today, the international exchange of expertise promotes quality more than ever before – even more so than in the days of Mozart!" 

Dr. Leo Andergassen from the South Tyrol Office for Monument Conservation underlines the challenges posed by the focus topic of wood: "Monument preservation in South Tyrol encounters wood on a daily basis. Time and again, the manifold ways of handling this material present craftsmen and restorers with challenges that require the use of traditional techniques as well as modern approaches. The solutions will be covered in detail at Monumento. In particular, the trade fair will encourage an exchange of expertise between people working in the field of monument preservation. Early feedback from this corner is raising hopes of wide-spread participation."  

Current framework programme and attractive collaborations
Monumento Salzburg's collaboration with Leoganger Bergbahnen offers an interesting additional benefit for the general public. On the weekend of the trade fair – as well as the following weekend – the entry ticket can be exchanged for two half-price passes for the Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Ski Circus. In addition to this collaboration, Monumento Salzburg has managed to get a second important partner on board, which will be particularly beneficial for experts visiting the trade fair. The highly traditional German publisher Callwey specialises in the areas of building engineering and architecture, offering a range of publications that are directly relevant to Monumento Salzburg's target group. The company's presence as a trade fair partner makes Monumento particularly attractive for experts visiting the event. The framework programme, which includes many specialist lectures, is also very appealing to experts. The lecture topics, which range from the latest restoration technology, through to illustrative case studies and examples, will enable experts to acquire a wealth of information on many different areas, whether it's the use of computer tomography for examining monuments, or the preservation of Bavaria's oldest water mills. Some of the specialist lectures will also be open to the general public – such as the topical subject of 'Historical monuments and alternative energy'.  Monumento Salzburg will be opened by Gabi Burgstaller on 12 January 2012.


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