Monumento Salzburg is an international platform
for cross-border collaboration and meeting point
for monument preservation, restoration and conservation.


Monumento Salzburg increases quality standards in heritage conservation

With an extremely positive response, the second Monumento Salzburg has come to an end. In recent days the international fair for monument preservation, restoration and conservation has been shown itself as the perfect platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience about current developments and proven restoration methods. "With more than 180 exhibitors from eight countries, more than 40 lectures and 2,400 trade visitors the 'Monumento Salzburg' became the international hub for the exchange of knowledge in heritage conservation and an important contribution to increasing the quality standards", says the exhibition center CEO Dipl. - Kfm Henrik Häcker.

The internationality of the fair was also reflected by the visitors who traveled from over 10 countries to Salzburg. The high retention time stood for the quality of the exhibitors and the atmosphere at the fair. The exhibitors also praised the professional character of the fair and enjoyed the expert talks.

In addition to the Austrian Federal Monument Office and the Bavarian State Conservation Office, the South Tyrolean provincial monuments, the monument Office of Slovakia and the Czech Republic Memorial Institute were represented at the fair. The exhibitor portfolio ranged from the ironwork and the aerosol cleaning to glass painting, stucco marble restoration and modern laser technology, which is for example used for cleaning stone sculptures.

Networking, exchange and ethics in heritage conservation

The interest in this year's main theme ‘stone’ was great. Anyone who thinks this material holds forever, is wrong. "Stone needs ongoing care and maintenance, otherwise a damaged stone figure may crumble in extreme cases" stated Johann Mag. Nimmrichter of the Austrian Federal Monument Office. The monument professional was one of many speakers who gave an interesting lecture during the three-day exhibition and in this way enriched the Monumento. Stone is a big challenge for historic preservation. It is destroyed, both from the outside and from the inside: Frost, thawing, dehydration and pollution damage the popular building material. Often, it is no longer sufficient to maintain and renovate - sometimes destroyed parts must be restored. "The challenge is that there are many types of rock and everyone wants to be treated differently. This fair is an important platform to exchange experience and to form and maintain a good network between the experts for stone preservation" informed Nimmrichter. The conservationist also stressed that not only the evaluation of the different techniques matter, but also the ethics of historic preservation and the willingness to establish close cooperation between the various sectors and countries. In 2016 both, experts and the interested public, will have the opportunity for this purpose, when the fair for monument preservation, restoration and conservation takes place for the third time in Salzburg.

Monumento Salzburg 2014

"Monumento Salzburg" international platform for heritage conservation in Salzburg Exhibition Centre

From 16th to 18th January 2014 the audience open exhibition "Monumento" grants a fascinating look behind the scenes of historic preservation in Salzburg Exhibition Centre. The fair is an important platform for knowledge and experience of experts as well as a source of information for all who have to do with historic preservation, restoration and conservation. More than 180 exhibitors from eight nations present innovations for cultural heritage preservation. Interesting lectures present the stories of historic buildings.


Specialists of listed cultural assets will meet again next week in Salzburg, to learn first-hand about the latest developments and proven restoration methods. Meet over 180 exhibitors from eight countries to each other at the " Monumento Salzburg " , which takes place for the second time in Salzburg Exhibition Centre . "The fair is responding to the current requirements of the monument owners , restorers, preservationists , building authorities , architects and builders . 2012 successfully launched as a pilot project , it scores this year with even more exhibitors and increasingly international , "says Exhibition Centre CEO Dipl.- Kfm pleased . Henrik hackers . In addition to the Austrian Federal Monument Office and the Bavarian State Conservation Office , the South Tyrolean provincial monuments , the monument Office of Slovakia and the monument Institute of the Czech Republic are represented at the fair , among others . Furthermore , exhibitors from Sweden, Poland and Slovenia have announced. The Exhibitor 's portfolio ranges from the ironwork and the aerosol cleaning on organ building , the stained glass and stucco marble restoration through to laser technology.

Network of expertise

The aim of the " Monumento Salzburg " is to network with each other and to share valuable knowledge. Especially in times when money is scarce and the state historic preservation must make savings, cooperation is a need. "In 2012 the Austrian Bundesdenkmalamt for example, published a brochure on Energy Efficiency at the memorial, at the same time information has been published on this topic in Germany and the Principality of Liechtenstein. But unfortunately there are still too many limits In the minds. It is important to pool resources , "says art historian Dr. Ronald Gobiet , Consultant at Monumento.

Extensive lecture program

During the show, this time the focus on " stone " is dedicated , is also how the conservation works and what projects are being implemented currently in the public domain . The extensive program of lectures with approximately 40 lectures aimed primarily also to interested lay public . Among lectures such as " trail of Miskroskop . Monuments tell their story "," Gobekli Tepe - The mysterious shrine of the Stone Age hunters "or" concrete repair - the right way . "

Hotspot for all

However, the Monumento is not only a hotspot for experts, but also offers all interested parties, for example students, the opportunity to get to know the historic preservation. At the stands of exhibitors youth can engage in conversation, learn more about training opportunities and partially observe the professionals. In addition, many films and working examples are shown. The Fabric of St. Stephen's Cathedral will bring, for example, stone parts from lofty heights. The experts will present their tools and show clearly how stone can be handled historically and in modern ways.