Monumento Salzburg is an international platform
for cross-border collaboration and meeting point
for monument preservation, restoration and conservation.

Advisory board

City councillor Johann Padutsch, Municipal Department 5 - Planning and Building Authority

"The Old Town Preservation Act and the Old Town Preservation Fund put the city of Salzburg in a leading position – even in international comparison – with regard to the tools, possibilities and structures for the preservation and restoration of historical heritage. Because the citizens themselves fought so hard for these over the past four decades, Salzburg is now at the very highest level worldwide when it comes to the restoration of historical buildings. Using Salzburg as a location to stage a monument preservation trade fair such as Monumento is a perfectly logical consequence of this history and a necessary addition to it. However, it also represents a duty and obligation to share and convey knowledge and expertise and to promote and maintain awareness of world heritage preservation in Salzburg and elsewhere. We would like to thank the team at Messezentrum Salzburg for this initiative."

DI Eva Hody, Federal Monuments Office, Conservation Department Salzburg

"A great deal of knowledge and experience from the areas of crafts, restoration, materials technology, surveying, building research and construction is required to ensure the artistic and historical quality of monuments. Monumento brings together people who feel responsible for preserving our cultural heritage."



Dipl.-Rest. Susanne Beseler, Association of Austrian Restorers

The development and implementation of successful preservation strategies for art and cultural artefacts is only possible in a dialogue between disciplines. The ÖRV, as a professional association of restorers in Austria, considers this as the focus of its work. Since 2012 the “Monumento” has been offering a new platform to conduct an open and interdisciplinary as well as a nationwide discourse, which is used by our members as both exhibitors and visitors. The direct exchange with colleagues and specialists from the crafts, industry and science sector or professional discussions with clients and colleagues from the Federal Chancellery as well as the continuing education through specialist lectures are facilitated by the trade fair. Furthermore, the “Monumento” increases its importance as platform for association work. In 2014 a workshop with restorer associations from Germany and Switzerland was organised and for 2016 an additional series of lectures is planned. The “Monumento” as modern, interdisciplinary and transnational trade fair sets an important milestone in Austria’s significant art and historical preservation landscape.


Dr Ronald Gobiet, Gobiet & Partner KG

"The Monumento is well on the way to become a central European platform for cross-border cooperation to develop common, resource-conserving solutions in historic preservation. The transfer of knowledge in dealing with the unique products of our cultural heritage in Central Europe should be encouraged and is a common European concern. Therefore, it is intended by 2016 to address other national monument offices, conservators associations, organizations and institutions as exhibitors to ensure a large subject-specific exchange.

The positive response of the second Monumento Salzburg allows an optimistic view of the upcoming event in January 2016. All about restoration, crafts and rehabilitation, as well as materials in heritage conservation will be presented in the exhibition. An attractive framework program will be offered and the direct response or contact opportunity for exhibitors with decision makers will be expanded. The offer for the audience will be extended by special exhibition tours."


Astrid M. Huber, Federal Monuments Office, Restoration Workshop Historical Monument Preservation, Mauerbach Charterhouse

"The conservation of our historical monuments, churches, castles and modest farms of regional importance requires a high degree of specialisation. Knowledge of traditional craftsmanship techniques and building material as well as modern conservation and restoration methods, accompanied by art historical and scientific analysis, is an essential prerequisite for handling our cultural heritage in a sensitive way. Monumento Salzburg as a trade fair for high-quality monument preservation provides monument owners as well as the specialists who perform the work, i.e. the restorers, craftsmen and architects, with an overview of the very latest products and processes and also offers them the opportunity to engage in an interdisciplinary exchange of expertise on an international level.

Architekt Mathias Pfeil (Dipl.-Ing.), Head Conservator of the Bavarian State Office for Monument Conservation

"The Monumento exhibition is an important place to meet people. It gives us an international platform on which to exchange the latest preservation expertise with heritage conservation institutions in our neighbouring countries. We’re already looking forward to Monumento 2016!"




Heinrich Traublinger, MdL a.D., Honorary President of the Munich and Upper Bavarian Chamber of Crafts/President of Bayerischer Handwerkstag

"It is impossible to imagine monument preservation without crafts. Monumento is therefore also a showcase for crafts."






Dr. Waltraud Kofler Engl, Autonomous Province of Bolzano, South Tyrol, Dept. 13–Heritage Preservation

"Monumento is a place to meet people who are committed to preserving and nurturing our monuments with their ideas and expertise. The event is characterised by creative interaction and mutual dialogue rather than self-presentation. As well as providing new insights, it gives exhibitors the chance to make new contacts."



PhDr. Katarina Kosova, Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic

"The visitors were interested in many things, from exchanging expertise with high-calibre partners, finding help with acquiring information, and the history of objects from life under the monarchy, through to practical aspects of cultural tourism and making contact with competent restorers and craftsmen."



Simona Juračková, Ph.D., National Heritage Institute, Czech Republic

"Monumento Salzburg is all about passion. It is a colorfull meeting of people enthusiastic about cultural heritage and its preservation curious for new experience and willing to share their knowledge." 





Dr. Robert Peskar, Institute for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Slovenia

Monument preservation is a field that does not subject to rules of competition but is a task that needs to be worked on together. Exhibitions like the Monumento offer the chance to exchange opinions, establish contacts and present ideas and experiences to experts for whom these information is interesting and important. 



Mag. Sélysette Somorjay, Gyula Forster National Centre for Cultural Heritage Management

"It is a great honour for Hungary and the Forster Centre to be offered participation at Monumento and enhance cooperation on this Central-European platform. As a recently reorganized state professional body, the Forster Centre plays a major role in the preservation, study, registration and management of movable and immovable cultural heritage and archaeology. We are ready and open to exchange specialised knowledge, innovative approaches and good practice in the field of restoration and rehabilitation of our historic built environment."