Monumento Salzburg is an international platform
for cross-border collaboration and meeting point
for monument preservation, restoration and conservation.


Fascinating insights into monument preservation

Cultural and city tours are more popular than ever. Even holidaymakers in relaxing beach destinations are often looking to add variety by visiting old monuments or excavations. Historical monuments, the physical proof of bygone eras, are not just fascinating but also bring history back to life. The preservation of such historical treasures involves a great deal of research, technology and craftsmanship. At 'Monumento Salzburg 2012' – taking place in Salzburg for the first time next year – insights into these areas will not just be offered to experts. What makes this trade fair so special is that the interested public is also being invited to delve into the world of restorers, material researchers and building experts.

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The World Heritage City of Salzburg as an international platform for monument conservation

"A country without historical monuments is like a society without history. After all, they are the symbols of our identity. The conservation and preservation of the many different historical monuments in Austria requires a high level of specialist expertise. These monuments range from modest farm houses in rural areas, to monumental monasteries from the baroque period, through to buildings based on post-war architecture, with their very specific technological challenges with regard to energy efficiency, for example.

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