20. - 21. January 2022

Monumento Salzburg

Exhibiton for our cultural heritage

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Welcome @ Monumento Salzburg!

MONUMENTO Salzburg is the international industry meeting place for cultural heritage, monument preservation, restoration, crafts, building culture and cultural tourism.

Here, experts as well as interested laymen inform themselves about the latest trends, innovations and developments in the various disciplines.

7 reasons for your visit

  • Interdisciplinary networking: MONUMENTO Salzburg is an international platform for interdisciplinary communication between clients and contractors in the cultural sector. 

  • Continuing education at an international level: Through the integrated specialist conferences, you take innovative ideas home with you. Maximum information gain is achieved with minimum time expenditure. 

  • Strong partner: With the European network of the Heritage Fairs, MONUMENTO has a strong international partner at its side. 

  • Cradle of culture: As a UNESCO World Heritage City, Salzburg has an appropriate background and the right ambience.

  • Tapping the cultural market: MONUMENTO's Salzburg central geographical location and leading position in the European cultural area enable it to tap into the entire cultural market. 

  • The best of two worlds: MONUMENTO Salzburg enables qualified professional audiences and culturally interested private individuals to work together. 

  • Gives cultural heritage a voice: MONUMENTO Salzburg serves to raise awareness and sensitize people to the issues of cultural heritage, monument preservation, restoration and traditional crafts.