MONUMENTO Salzburg: january 20 - 21, 2022
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Dr. Uwe Koch

Head Office Manager for the German National Committee for the Protection of Monuments


“The chance to get together and discuss issues with other countries was very edifying. We were delighted with the MONUMENTO. We believe sharing and discussing our cultural heritage is important for the future. The perception of this issue is also very good, the notion of all being Europeans and among neighbours is one with several shared pick-up points. The European Year of Cultural Heritage will mobilise a lot of people, as it is a modern, programmatic approach that opens up several opportunities for the future."

Dagmar Redl-Bunia (Mag.)

UNESCO Austria


“The frequency of visitors at our booth and the degree of interest shown were both very pleasing. Several very specific questions were posed. Expanding the monument conservation trade fair to include issues of cultural heritage enhances the show’s content spectrum, enabling the event to feature an interdisciplinary range of themes. The European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018 is an opportunity to strengthen European awareness of the shared heritage that unites us, defines us and reflects our identity.”

Hofrat Dr. Ronald Gobiet

Former Head Conservation Officer for the Salzburg region and MONUMENTO consultant


“The positive feedback given by younger visitors – schoolchildren and college students – was very pleasing. It is important for people to understand what we do and why historical monuments need to be preserved. The notions of culture as a concept, looking after historical monuments, conservation and restoration need to be made tangible and accessible to everyone. The role we play and the work we do all needs to be presented in a such a way as to ensure the preservation of our monuments and cultural heritage. I’m looking forward with great optimism to 2020 and the next edition of the MONUMENTO, which will then be celebrating its 5th birthday."

Stefan Balici

General Director of the National Institute for Heritage in Romania


“This was a great opportunity to share stories with other exhibitors, to see what is being done in the field of cultural heritage preservation and, indeed, in other Central European countries. For us it was important to hook up with institutions from other European countries and lock onto each other’s networks.”

Andreas Gfall

Bayern Handwerk International GmbH


“This is now the third time we have shared a booth with other exhibitors at the MONUMENTO Salzburg. 18 German companies of skilled tradesmen from a wide range of fields within monument preservation showcased their work at the shared German booth at the MONUMENTO. We are delighted with the involvement of heritage conservation offices from neighbouring regions and countries of Europe – from Austria to Trento, Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia through to Romania. We share a region with a common culture; one we would like to work together across borders to preserve. The MONUMENTO also met our expectations in terms of contact cultivation and the exchange of information. We hope to identify even more potential business associates. All in all, we enjoyed a solid start to the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018."

Dr. Ute Strimmer

Editorial Manager RESTAURO


“We were very pleased with the fair and the response to the Restauro Talks held on stage. For us, as a Munich-based publishing group, Salzburg is a very interesting location, particularly since it is situated within the Austrian cultural region. We are looking forward to being a media partner at the 2020 MONUMENTO again.”